Friday, July 31, 2009

...we're nowhere finished with CHA

It was just too awesome for us not to share more, more, more!
Keep counting the dragonflies. We will be looking for a total number - all videos, pictures, anywhere he appears. And keep checkin' back, we have another video for you next week.

BE SURE to sign up to get our newsletter - the first one goes out next week.
Have a great weekend....we are restin' our feet!

Nita and Tracy


Susan (susiestampalot) said...

just watched all the videos, signed up as a follower, signed up for the newsletter, and even drove by the new store location earlier to see what's going on. no, i'm not stalking. haha!! can't wait til ya'll open! i'll have to come back later and try to count the dragonflies. i was too enthralled by all the new swag to do that just now!

Anthologies said...

Thanks Susan! Keep watching .... we're not through with the 'special appearances' by our little guy!
Don't tell anybody how the store looks like a war zone right now please. We've got to tear it out to make it better, you know.

Susan (susiestampalot) said...

Haha! no worries, nita! i just wanted to make sure the guys in there weren't taking too many breaks while ya'll were away! gotta keep that wagon train a-movin' ya know!! have a fun weekend! sus

Erica said...

Just covering all the posts...

There are 19 dragonflies - when you count the 2 times Bella Blvd Beauties are shown and the 4 times Wendy Vecchi attempted to introduce herself.

Erica said...

Ahhh - I looked at my paper wrong - I meant to say 20 dragonflies. Please disregard my multiple posts with "19"!!!

Linda Hahn said...

Way to GO with the newsletter!! Y'all did an AWESOME job with the newsletter and covering the convention!! I'm drooling over the products and can't wait for Anthologies to open!! I think I saw 21 dragonflies.