Thursday, July 30, 2009

More, more, more from CHA!

Okay, if a picture is worth a thousand words, our video is priceless!

Here are both videos from CHA - we'll we winging our way home late on Thursday.


Nita and Tracy


Linda Hahn said...

Looks like you 2 are having FUN, FUN, FUN!!! Hope you got lots of amazing goodies!!
I saw 15 dragonflies if you count the one on the Tuesday post and all the tries with Wendy Vechi.
Have a safe trip back!!

Erica said...

I wasn't sure which post to comment on, so I'll comment on them all!

There are 19 dragonflies - when you count the 2 times Bella Blvd Beauties are shown and the 4 times Wendy Vecchi attempted to introduce herself.

Erica said...

Ahhh - I looked at my paper wrong - I meant to say 20 dragonflies. Please disregard my multiple posts with "19"!!!