Thursday, August 13, 2009

jelly roll! jelly roll! jelly roll!

Look at what just arrived~!

Moda Fabrics 'Jelly Rolls' in beautiful fabrics just screaming to go on those surfaces!
Frames, boxes, books, even your beautiful pages!
Click on the picture to look at these beautiful patterns and colors up close - you'll love Moda Fabrics at Anthologies!
Yum, yum! Jelly Rolls!


Scarlett said...

Wow! I love Moda fabrics - I'm so glad you'll have it at the store.

Day to Day said...

These are very cool and very new to me!

Jennifer Y said...

These are fabulous! How fun would these be on layouts??? :))

Tracy :) said...

When I saw these jelly rolls...I just had to squeal with joy!!

Willow and Wattle said...

oh wow, please tell me there is some basic grey in there?! I can't wait to visit!