Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry! Merry!

Well, we have made it! Christmas is here and if you haven't bought it, baked it or wrapped it by now..... chances are it will not be missed!

The weather here in Texas has made one of it's dramatic swings and yesterday I was in short sleeves and working on my tan, today I am seeing those little snow flakes on the weather forcast on my iPhone and numbers like 3... and 9. A typical weather swing for us here in this great state! But, I personally embrace it! It's Christmas for goodness sake and it is supposed to be cold! Right? So enjoy!

Anthologies will be closed for 2 days so that we can all enjoy time with our families and friends and we hope that you are doing the same. We will be back on Saturday the 26th for those of you holding new Anthologies gift cards and can't wait to see you. But meanwhile enjoy your holiday and God bless us every one!


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Linda Hahn said...

Those puppies are OOOOOO SOOO cUte!!!