Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Call me!

I've heard that you may believe that all of the spots for the October Studio Sessions are filled..... NOT!

The dates that there is not a seat left in the house are:
October 2nd and 3rd - we are full
October 30th - we are full

The rest of the October sessions still have some open spots - so don't delay.....call today!
Also, check out our web site for detailed information about classes, calendar and a bit more about Anthologies. http://www.anthologiesbyme.com/
See you October 2nd!
It's a Beautiful Day!


~Melissa~ said...

Hi Nita!

Could you please email me about purchasing a gift certificate if you get a moment?

So excited to see your store. I work across the street and the postman keeps me posted on your progress :)

Anthologies said...


Please call me at the store - I don't have your e-mail address.